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Income Tax 2015 Deadline Checklist

The income tax deadline for 2015 is 31st October 2016 meaning income tax returns must be filed by this date or by 10th November 2016 if you pay and file online.

Digital Certificates for Certificates of Incorporation from September 2016

The CRO will issue Certificates of Incorporation of Company Names as digital documents from Sept 2016. Contact OSK for details of our tax and accounting services.

Is it the end of Non Filing Structures for Unlimited Companies?

Companies (Accounting) Bill 2016 aims to abolish non-filing structures which limited financial information disclosed by unlimited companies. Contact OSK to discuss how this will apply to you.

Construction Contracts Act 2013 – applies from 25th July 2016

The Construction Contracts Act 2013 will now apply to all construction contracts entered into after the 25th July 2016. Contact OSK Accountants Dublin for more.

Have you converted your company to comply with Companies Act 2014?

Private Companies Limited by Shares must convert to comply with Companies Act 2014. The deadline dates are 31 Aug 2016 and 31 Nov 2016. Contact OSK to find out more

Fiduciary Duties of officers and directors of Not For Profit companies and how best to avoid conflicts of interest

Fiduciary Duties of officers and directors in not for profit companies and avoiding conflicts of interest. Contact OSK, accounting partner of the Federation of Irish Sport for more.

Digital Certificates for Business Names – commencing July 2016

The CRO will issue all Business Name Certificates as ‘digitally certified’ documents from July 2016 replacing the paper Business Name Certificates.

Companies Limited by Guarantee – opportunity for more structure

The new Companies Act 2014 allows for more structure for companies limited by guarantee for example setting out exactly who the guarantors – two is the minimum under the new Act.

Revenue’s new eTax Clearance since 1st January 2016 – Frequently Asked Questions

Revenue eTax Clearance Certs - we have answered your frequently asked questions to assist you in getting your new eTax Clearance Certificate!

Companies Act 2014 - ensure you are compliant!

There are a number of key aspects of the Companies Act 2014 that companies need to be aware of and implement accordingly. Contact OSK for your tax and accounting services.

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