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Employer COVID-19 Refund Scheme & Supports Available

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection is setting up a refund scheme for employers which will pay them the €203 per week for each worker who would otherwise have been laid off because a business has to cease trading due to HSE advice on ‘social distancing’.

Looking for your P60? It’s now an Employment Detail Summary

The form P60 has been replaced with an Employment Detail Summary and is available through the Revenue MyAccount service. Contact OSK tax advisers for details.

Remittance basis taxpayers - are you aware of potential risk from Brexit?

Budget 2020 Highlights

How to minimise your tax liability

There are a few ways that you can minimise your tax liability. Find out some of the tax reliefs that you can use to minimise your tax liability.

Income Tax Deadline 2019 FAQ

The income tax return filing deadline 2019 for income earned in 2018 is 31 Oct 2019. Read our pay and file checklist, tax reliefs available and what happens if you miss the tax deadline.

Are you getting maximum tax relief from pension contributions?

Income Tax relief is available on pension contributions. Make a pension contribution before 31st Oct 2019 and you claim the tax relief for 2018.

Calling UK Contractors – find out the benefits of using your UK company in Ireland!

UK contractors can continue to contract through their UK company in Ireland and avail of certain advantages. Find out the options when coming to contract in Ireland and benefits of each.

Are you aware of changes to the allowable subsistence rates from 1 July 2019?

Revenue have issued new allowable travel subsistence rates from 1 July 2019 so find out how these effects your business. Contact OSK tax advisers for more.

New Two-Tier VAT Registration System

Revenue has developed a two-tier VAT registration system for persons applying for VAT registration from 17th June 2019 whereby you can apply for a ‘domestic-only’ registration or an ‘intra-EU’ registration.

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