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OSK Contractors Accountant Dublin will advise you on the best structure to use for your contract. Call OSK for details of our contractors accountant services.

The Issues 
When you decide to start contracting you need to work out which is the best structure for you to use. There are three main options to choose from:

Most contractors find their work through recruitment agencies. Although, there are some agencies who will take you on as an employee you may receive less per hour under this structure because the agency has to pay employers social security and they may, pass this cost onto you. However, because of the stringent income tax rules agencies are becoming increasingly reluctant to take on contractors on a self-employed basis. 

For this reason, most contractors operate through their own limited companies.

OSK the Contractors Accountant Dublin can assist you in setting up using any of the above options. Call OSK for details of our contractors accountant services set-up options.

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