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Brexit: possible tax implications for remittance basis taxpayers.

With UK financial institutions setting up operations to Ireland due to Brexit there is a potential risk for Irish tax resident/non-domiciled individuals who avail of the remittance basis of taxation and therefore have a reduced exposure to Irish taxation.

Tax Summary Card 2019 now available!

The OSK Tax Summary 2019 is a handy pocket-sized card which provides a summary of the provisions of the Finance Bill 2018. Please contact OSK tax advisers for your free copy today!

VAT treatment of Vouchers

From 1 January 2019, new rules and definitions will apply to certain types of vouchers issued which affect the taxing point and affect how VAT can be deducted by certain types of traders.

Christmas Jumper Day for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

PAYE Modernisation - What you need to know

Detailed guide to PAYE modernisation which is changing from 1st January 2019. Contact OSK Small Business Accountants for further details.

Director's loans – new exemption on valuing loans at market price

Director's loans in small entities are now exempt from being valued at market price and instead can use transaction price. Not applicable for loans with corporate directors.

Revenue Focus on Recipients of Airbnb Income

Airbnb has provided details of payments made to its customers in 2014, 2015 and 2016 to Revenue so ensure that income earned from short term lettings, such as Airbnb, is included on tax returns.

Duties of Officers and Directors of Companies

Officers and directors owe a fiduciary duty to their company meaning they must act in the best interests of the company at all times. Find out the 7 Fiduciary duties.

Budget 2019 Highlights

OSK have published a summary of Budget 2019 including a downloadable Budget 2019 PDF.

How to prepare for PAYE Modernisation

In preparation for PAYE modernisation, Revenue have requested employers upload a list of their employees to Revenue before 31 Oct 2018. Contact OSK Tax advisers for more.

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