Client Scenarios

The team of tax experts at OSK provide Accounting and Tax Services to our clients. If you are looking for a Tax Adviser in Dublin call OSK today. The following are examples of tax planning exercises that OSK may be able to help you implement. 

The Challenge 
To structure the transfer of shares in a company from a parent to a child. 

The Benefits 
The benefits include minimizing the Capital Gains Tax liability for the parent and minimizing the Capital Acquisitions Tax liability for the child. Securing a tax efficient income for the “retiring” parent. Strengthening the company’s financial stature to assist in the transition phase.


The Challenge
For sole-traders and partnerships, review of the accounting records to identify tax saving opportunities. 

The Benefits 
Reduction in levels of profit liable to taxes.

The Challenge
Advice on executive remuneration techniques for family-owned companies. 

The Benefits 
Minimizing the total tax payable by the family and their key employees while reducing the overall company wage bill.


The Challenge 
Advice on payments to employees and directors on the cessation of employment/ retirement from employment. 

The Benefits 
Structures the termination payment to maximise the benefits of the statutory reliefs and exemptions from taxes

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