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Relevant Contracts Tax – When does a payment fall within the remit of RCT?

Find out when a payment falls within the remit of Relevant Contracts Tax. Every payment or contract must be reviewed closely before deciding if they fall within the RCT regime

Corporation Tax Exemption for Start-Up Companies

The start-up tax relief is a reduction of your Corporation Tax (CT) for the first three years you trade. You can apply for this relief through your Form CT1 tax return.

High Court rules NPPR charge is deductible against rental income

The High Court ruled that the Non Principal Private Residence charge is allowable against rental profits. Landlords have until 31 Dec 2017 to submit an amended return for 2013.

PAYE Anytime service replaced with myAccount

Since June you can do all your PAYE business online in Revenues enhanced mobile friendly PAYE myAccount. The PAYE Anytime service will no longer be available.

Changes to PAYE system coming in 2019

Revenue are currently working on the redesign of the PAYE system which will be effective from 1st January 2019. Contact OSK Audit & Accounting for more.

Did you know that Revenue opinions/ confirmations have a maximum life of five years?

Revenue have confirmed that any opinions/confirmations issued have a maximum life of five years and that you must apply for new opinion/ confirmation after this period.

Enterprise Ireland Brexit Scorecard

Invest in Irish Sport – Change the Game!

OSK were delighted to attend the Federation of Irish Sport conference which took place in the Aviva Stadium on 31st May. The theme for the conference was ‘Invest in Irish Sport – Change the Game!

Register of Beneficial Owners from 26th June 2017

From 26th June companies must create a Register of Beneficial Owners of shareholders holding in excess of 25% of share capital. Contact OSK tax and accounting for more.

Company Cars – changes to motoring expenses

The flat rate motoring expenses for the Civil Service have been changed from 1 April 2017. Contact OSK Accountants Dublin for more.

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