Tax Credit Certificates

Wehave had a lot of enquiries from our members as to why employees were not receiving an updated certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point for 2011. While there has been no general announcement from Revenue, it appears that employee tax credit certificates will only be issued on request.

There are a number of options for employee who want to receive acopy of their certificate of tax credits and standard rate cut off point, plus a number of different options for claiming certain tax credits, details as follows:

To Obtain a Tax Credit Certificate:

1. Register for PAYEanytime and you can view or print your Tax Credit Certificate.

2. Textyour PPSN and the word cert to 51829 and Revenue will post a copy of your Tax Credit Certificate to the address they have on record.
For Example if yourPPSN is 9876543A, text 9876543A cert to 51829.

3. Use Revenue's Lo-Callphone service.

For further information please contact Frances Nolan.

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