OSK Client Offer - Oltech (Systems) Limited

Oltech Systems Ltd distribute and providewarranty support services for Olivetti branded print output equipment in Ireland.

Oltech are offering clients of OSK a FREE ManagedPrint Solutions service. This service will provide efficiency to yourorganisation in terms of cost reduction, rationalisation and modernisation. Oltech will:

1.    Carryout a physical survey of your organisation

2.    Auditand analyse your Printing and Consumables costs

3.    Preparea proposal for cost reduction and logistical rationalisation, including the provision of a print management software system.

Cost control and reduction has become anabsolute necessity to every organisation.  Many organisations traditionally have not employed a strategy when adding print/input/output devices to their computer and communications systems. The result is that the organisation can end up with:

4.    Amixture of equipment and brands

5.    Equipmentpoorly located. Some equipment over used, some under utilised

6.    Wrongequipment used for wrong jobs

7.    Avariety of toner requirements, stocks and suppliers

8.    Avariety of support providers and costly support agreements.

9.    Inefficientstaff movement logistics

10.  Oldand costly technology

11.  Toomany devices

12.  Uncontrollablecosts


What is involved in the FreeManaged Print Solutions Service?

1.    Wecarry out a physical and network survey and audit of your organisation and equipment

2.    Weprepare a detailed analysis of your volumes and costs.

3.    Weconsult with you on current and future requirements for each of the various departments/sections in your organisation for printing, copying, scanning, faxing and security.

4.    Weprepare a proposal and rationalisation programme that will satisfy the requirements of each area of your organisation with modern and appropriate technology at the lowest flexible economic cost.

5.    Weimplement and install, including a Full Print Management Software System to allow you to monitor and control your printing costs on a day-to-day basis, by machine/department or section, even in multiple locations or on multiple networks.

 Case Study

A small solicitor’s office with one main office with aphotocopier, mono laser printer, colour laser printer and a fax machine. No scanning facility. Volume, approx 10,000 per month. Running costs (toners, maintenance contracts, repairs) €236.80 per month, NOT including the capital cost of the equipment.

Solution AfterOltech’s Management Print Survey and Audit: One large colour A3 MFP conveniently located for all staff with password control, colour and mono A3 printing, copying, scanning and network faxing. Running costs per month €152.00, a 35% reduction in running costs (fixed for 5 years) and NO CAPITAL OUTLAY. Print Management Software Installed to allow day-to-day management and cost control.

Oltech are authorised users and suppliers of theworld’s most successful print management system, print audit 6. For full details of this excellent system go to www.printaudit.com

For further information, please contact KieronKavanagh, Oltech kkavanagh@oltech.ie t: 01460 7999 w: www.oltech.ie



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