Why you might be selected for a Revenue Audit

Revenue will not disclose the reason for selection but the following factors may be significant in how Revenue’s REAP (Risk, Evaluation, Analysis & Profiling Software) System chooses the revenue customer for audit.

A Revenue Audit is a review of tax returns, books and records for accuracy and validity. It can be just for one year under one tax- head but where significant discrepancies occur, Revenue may extend the audit to cover other years and/or taxes.

There are different types of audit that the Revenue may carry out:

The revenue customer will be notified of the Revenue Audit normally within 21 days.

This notice will include:

OSK as agent for the revenue customer will also receive copy of this notice of the Revenue Audit. It is advisable to seek a meeting with ourselves prior to commencement of the audit to discuss the following points:

 Identify main problem areas

Fiona Guckian is Manager - OSK Audit

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