Updates to the Electronic Relevant Contracts Tax (eRCT) System


The Revenue Electronic Relevant Contracts Tax System has been revised to take into account updates and enhancements to the eRCT system. The updates, which came into effect from December 2016 are outlined below.

Look up Payment Notifications

RCT Principals and Subcontractors (and their Agents) can look up payments paid or received for any selected 12-month period. Users in ROS can download the list of payments extracted in an Excel spreadsheet (in CSV format). Any cancelled payments will not be retrieved in the 'look up'.

Closed Contracts - Unreported Payments

Up to end-November 2016, a Principal could input Payments/Post Payments and Unreported Payments up to 9 months after the end date of the contract. Since December 2016 it is possible to input Unreported Payments on a closed contract up to 18 months after the end-date of the contract. There is the added benefit that users can see contracts which were closed up to 18 months previous; in case they need to be re-opened.

eReg RCT Registration

When registering for RCT as a sub-contractor on eRegistration, the applicant (or his or her Agent) will be advised that:

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