Sinking Fund for Commercial Property Management Companies

Multi-Unit Developments Act, 2011 requires the OMC (Owner Managed Companies) to established a sinking fund for the purpose of discharging expenditure of a non-recurring nature. Under the Act each owner must contribute a minimum of €200 per annum to the sinking fund or such greater amount as may be agreed by the members. Funds collected under the sinking fund must be maintained in a separate bank account. Where applicable, a statement of the sinking fund together with details of the amount of annual contribution to the fund and the basis on which it is calculated should be outlined in the annual report to members.

The Act is primarily focusing on OMC rather than commercial property management companies (CMC). For CMC (members/tenants are VAT registered), the above rules can be used as a guidance as well. In addition, the following matters relating to accounting treatment of sinking fund should be considered. 

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 **Detailed explanation for each bullet point above will be expanded on in future blogs.

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