New eTax Clearance System with Revenue

What is a Tax Clearance Certificate?

This is a certificate of confirmation from Revenue that the person / entity’s tax affairs are in order at the date of issue of the certificate.

Where an individual is found not to be tax compliant their certificate can be restricted or withdrawn. Their status is regularly reviewed and the customer will be notified if their certificate has been withdrawn with reasons why.

eTax Clearance

eTax Clearance was introduced in December 2015.

This means there are no longer paper tax clearance certificates as they are now in electronic format.

This electronic format is accessed either through ROS or myAccount.

Applications are now processed in real time. This means that they will either be approved or refused immediately.

Customers who are compliant will receive a Tax Clearance Access Number which along with their PPSN / Tax Reference Number they give to the third party to verify their tax clearance details.


Where a taxpayer experiences difficulties in using the new system or has any general queries regarding tax clearance they should contact the Collector-General’s office on either of the following;  

1890 20 30 70, by contacting the Collector General’s office through MyEnquiries or by writing to;

            Office of the Collector-General,

            Sarsfield House,

            Francis Street,


Where the taxpayer requiring tax clearance is not e-enabled for any reason, they should contact their local tax office or the Collector General’s office to request a Form TC1 which should be completed and returned to the above address. 

Email Louise Clarke if you have any queries in relation to the new eTax Clearance System or for further tax and accounting services.

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