New CRO Filing Requirement – PPS Numbers

Did you know that from June 11th, all directors of Irish companies must provide their Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) when:

To prepare for this Directors should check their details with The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) as the CRO will crosscheck a director’s PPSN, name and date of birth with details held by the DEASP.

The CRO will accept an 80% match to account for minor discrepancies in forenames (ex. Jenny instead of Jennifer or Maureen instead of Mairin) however, if there is a discrepancy with any part of the other information, it will be rejected.

What If the Director Does Not Have A PPSN?

Rest assured the PPSNs will not be available on the Public Register and the CRO will only store a hashed* version of the PPSN to avoid identity theft.

Its vital to prepare for this to avoid delays in having CRO filings submitted and registered. In the case of a change of Directors, rejection by the CRO would delay a range of issues including bank account operation.

Late filing of the Annual Return will result in late fess of €120 + €3 per day until the filing is completed. More importantly, where appliable, the company will lose audit exemption for the next two sets of financials filed with their Annual Returns

If you need assistance on the new CRO Filing Requirement or in relation OSK's audit and accountancy servcies please contact, Deirdre McDermott

OSK is the official Audit and Accounting partner of the Federation of Irish Sport (FIS) and the preferred supplier of these services to the Federation’s members.


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