Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011

Recent changes to legislation under the new Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 will affect residential and mixed property developments.

The Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 which was signed into law in January of this year imposes new obligations on property management companies and Developers.

This legislation provides a statutory framework for the operation and governance of multi-unit developments and the duties and obligations of developers have been clearly defined. The rights and obligations of members have been established and a framework for dispute resolution is provided for in the Act.

What are the main provisions of the act?

What must the Management Company Do?

The Directors of the Property Management Company are required to ensure that the Management Company complies with all legislation that applies to the Company. The main requirements that must be complied with under the Act are

Please contact Brian Dignam to arrange a meeting to discuss how the new Act affects your Management Company in more detail.

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