Get additional staff with the FAS Work Placement Programme

The FAS Work Placement Programme allows your business to take on a person for a work experience placement for a maximum of nine months. While the person is gaining valuable work experience they are also contributing to your business. Payment of Participants is not a requirement of the programme.

Businesses in the Public, Private, Community and Voluntary Sector can apply to offer work placements. In your application you will be required to meet certain criteria and to make certain declarations.

In addition, if you offer the participant a job at the end of the programme, you will be eligible to apply for the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) exemption scheme. The Employer Job (PRSI) Incentive Scheme means that when you employ additional eligible workers from June 2010 onwards, you will not have to pay employer’s PRSI in respect of their employment for twelve months from the date. After completing three months on a work placement a Participant may qualify as an ‘eligible worker’ under this scheme.

For further information and how to apply visit the FAS website.

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