Cut costs using Zero Based Budgeting

If you are looking to cut costs, as most businesses are, why not prepare your next budget using the zero based budgeting technique? Zero based budgeting involves preparing a budget for each department from a zero base.

Zero based budgeting asks questions like

Using the zero based budgeting approach you would start each budget period afresh not based on historical data. The budgets are zero unless managers make a case for resources; this means each activity is questioned as if it were new before any resources are allocated to it. Each plan of action has to be justified in terms of total cost involved and total benefit to accrue, with no reference to past activities.

The benefits of zero based budgeting are;

It’s use though, is both labour and time intensive, but this method of budgeting should be considered when you are preparing your yearly budgets if not for the whole organisation it might be beneficial for certain areas of your business.

Deirdre McDermott is Director - OSK Audit.

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