Change in VAT Rate

A second reduced VAT rate of 9% will be introduced in respect of certain goods and services for the period 1 July 2011 to 31 December 2013. The 9% VAT rate applies to certain goods and services previously liable at the 13.5% VAT rate, including restaurant and catering services; hotel and holiday accommodation; admissions to cinemas, theatres, certain musical performances, museums and art gallery exhibitions; fairgrounds or amusement park services; the use of sporting facilities; hairdressing services; printed matter such as brochures, maps, programmes, leaflets, catalogues and newspapers. From 1 January 2014 the rate on these goods and services will revert to 13.5% VAT.

Supplies of goods and services at the new 9% VAT rate

The goods and services to which the 9% VAT rate applies are those, and only those, listed in paragraphs 3(1) to (3), 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13(3) of Schedule 3 of the VAT Consolidation Act 2010. Examples of such goods and services include:

Supplies of goods and services remaining at the 13.5% VAT rate

Goods and services listed in Schedule 3, except those listed in paragraphs 3(1) to (3), 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13(3) remain liable at 13.5% VAT.

What rate should the trader apply? – general rule

In general, goods and services supplied before 1 July 2011 are liable to VAT at the rate in force at the time of supply, namely 13.5%. However, where goods and services are supplied in June 2011, by a trader who is obliged to issue a VAT invoice, and that trader issues the invoice after 30 June 2011, the rate in force in July applies, namely 9%.

A trader supplying goods and services to private individuals should always apply the VAT.

Please visit Revenue website for full details of the above Act or contact Deirdre McDermott, Director OSK Audit for further information. Need help with your Tax Return 2013 - contact OSK today!

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