Finance Act 2014 introduced a change to s.82 CATCA (Capital Acquisitions Tax Consolidation Act) 2003, which provides an exemption for payments by parents within their lifetime to their children to cover their support, maintenance and education. Prior to this change, the relief covered all such payments to the extent that they were ‘reasonable’ according to the parents’ means and formed part of their ‘normal’ expenditure.

It is thought that, given the broad definitions in place this lead to situations where some taxpayers were availing of the relief in respect of large scale transfers to their adult children. Revenue took issue with this as it went against the original intentions behind the relief.

With that in mind the relief has been restricted so that it will now cover payments to the following

The main change is the introduction of a maximum age for the relief in the second case above.

It should be borne in mind that the annual small gift exemption of €3,000 from each disponer remains an extremely efficient means of passing on wealth in all cases, and should be considered as an alternative to the above exemption where this no longer applies due to the age restriction.

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