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Business owners should note the findings ofa recent report on smartphone security which showed the absence of adequate security policies and provided follow up recommendations. 

A recent InternationalData Corporation survey of the Irish IT market has found that IT security is one of the most important areas for IT investment. With more and more employees working out of the office and with an increase in the use of mobile devices and smartphones for business purposes, unauthorised access to an organisation’s confidential data is becoming more of a threat.

An experiment conducted in North America by the global computer security softwarecorporation Symantec involving  50 intentionally “lost” smartphones which contained a collection of simulated corporate and personal data placed on them came up with the following findings:

In light of suchfindings, organisations should work closely with their IT providers in reducing the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive data. The following recommendations should be considered:

It is important foryour business to implement strong security policies and educate employees as to the importance of vigilance in protecting their smartphones and devices.

Michael McHugh is  Audit Senior in OSK.

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